Why Us?


You’ve decided to pursue a career in beauty. Now comes the next decision: Where to start? For so many people who have gone onto successful careers, the decision was to attend Stanley Harris School of Cosmetology.

Stanley Harris is a professional cosmetology school committed to maintaining a high standard of excellence. Here, students benefit from small class sizes, hands-on training, state-of-the-art tools, and a lively, salon-like atmosphere. Our goal isn’t just to teach students the foundations at school—it’s to provide sought-after skills for everything beyond it.

In addition to today’s beauty techniques, our students graduate with an in-depth understanding of management, state law rules and regulations, consulting, communication, and benchmark service.


Stanley Harris’ Mission

Enroll individuals with the ability, desire, and confidence to meet our academic standards and reach their personal goals.

Educate students into well-trained professionals who will be prepared with the knowledge and confidence to enter any level of the cosmetology industry.

Graduate cosmetology professionals with the proper skills and winning attitudes to deliver top-quality cosmetology services to their clients.


“The smaller classes promote one-on-one learning! I’m not just another student; I’m a young individual exploring a new & rewarding career.”

–Lauren, Student

“From classroom to salon, they’re consistently encouraging & educating.”

–Maria, Student

“Stanley Harris helped bring out my inner stylist!”

-Aubrey, Student


“I have been a client for 12 years. I love the fun atmosphere, watching students grow year after year. It’s a great place to treat yourself!”

-Meena, Client

“Thank you for all your support and encouragement. For being fair, honest, and tough when you need to be, but always there for us. I love how you are such a “real” person, give advice, and teach us real life techniques. I appreciate your standard of cleanliness, and the salon “feel” you have created for the school as a whole. I’m grateful for the time you have taken to help me improve specific techniques and skills, especially razor cuts. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you for all that you do!”

–Laura, Student